FSX and the phantom CRJ

Every now and then FSX throws up something so random you just have to laugh (unless it’s right at the end of a 3 hour flight, in which case aaarggghhhh). And so we have this morning’s little faux pas, departing Philadelphia.

Everything looking good on push back and taxi, a nice sunny day, not too much traffic. I’m taxiing behind an American Airlines but I know he’s not going to delay me long. We both hold short and wait. And wait. Apparently there’s a CRJ on the runway.

Except there isn’t. The runway is clear. I decide to taxi further up and loop back to see if that “unblocks” things.

Progress! The American is now on the runway. Not doing anything but it has moved. We wait again. And wait. Ok, it worked before, I’m going to do that loop again and see what happens.

SERIOUSLY?! Surely the imaginary CRJ can’t still be on the runway, right?

Of course it is. I reloaded the flight at that point and had a very uneventful take off second time around. Ah, the joys of FSX…


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