Conwy Castle, Wales

I’d seen Conwy Castle a few times from the A55 before I first visited: it’s something you can’t really miss when you’re driving through North Wales, looming over the landscape in the 21st century just […]


Rievaulx Abbey

Abbey and monastery ruins are not uncommon in England, thanks to Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries, but Rievaulx is a particularly striking and relatively intact example of English history and social change. Rievaulx Abbey […]


Mont St Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is one of those unforgettable places to visit. An island in Normandy, France, and the site of a monastery that dates back to the 8th century AD, this medieval fortress towers above the surrounding […]


Conisbrough Castle

Conisbrough Castle is one of my favourite places in South Yorkshire, a 12th century castle set on the hillside overlooking the historic town of Conisbrough that inspired Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe. The history of Conisbrough […]